Services and Pricing

Are you a product maker seeking to promote your brand with excellent products? Do you want to boost both immediate and long-term revenue?

Simply send products to Cprice. We'll handle everything else for your company.

  • We provide table space, sales staff and our smart retail platform with wireless price tags and apps.
  • Shoppers can experience your product firsthand in the Cprice space and make quick purchases using our convenient tap and go app.
  • Cprice technology generates enthusiasm among shoppers and empowers you to penetrate the retail market.
  • Option 1: Product Exhibition Service

    • Table Space: 50cm x 50cm
    • Exhibition duration: 1 month
    • Fees: Monthly exhibition fee
  • Option 2: Product Exhibition + Sales Services

    • Product exhibition for 1 month
    • Sales agency service
    • Fees: Monthly exhibition fee (10% discount) + 15% sales commission fee

Cprice Tap and Go