E-Commerce as an Experience Service

Let your products meet your customers in person.

Showcase Your Brand at Westfield Topanga Mall!

Join the Cprice Popup Event

We are excited to announce that Cprice is hosting a special popup event at the renowned Westfield Topanga mall in Los Angeles. This is a fantastic opportunity for your product to shine and capture the attention it deserves at one of LA's premier shopping destinations.

Exclusive Deals for CES 2024 Attendees!

Take advantage of our exclusive offer to showcase your products at Westfield Topanga Mall with a special discount. Apply now to secure your spot!

Book Marketing Event - June 2024!

Showcase Your Books in High-Traffic Location. Your books deserve their own attention. Make your book stand out from the crowd. Give it its own space.

The Great Gatsby

Watch, learn, and get inspired with our engaging video showcases!

It's the shopping experience reimagined for the digital generation!

  • Effortless Retail

    • Take your products to prestigious US malls without the hassle of renting new spaces and hiring additional staff.
    • Present your brand with ease.
  • Building Your Brand

    • Increase brand exposure by showcasing your brand in top shopping centers.
    • Bring out the shine of your product in the Cprice space alongside with other renowned brands.
  • Boost Market and Sales

    • Tapping into a new market quickly by utilizing the cutting-edge Cprice platform with smart e-price tags and apps.
    • Cprice technology generates enthusiasm among shoppers and empowers you to penetrate the retail market.

Services and Pricing

Are you a product maker seeking to promote your brand with excellent products? Do you want to boost both immediate and long-term revenue?

Simply send products to Cprice. We'll handle EVERYTHING ELSE for your company.

  • Option 1: Product Exhibition Service

    • Table Space: 20in x 20in
    • Exhibition Duration: 1 month
    • Fees: Monthly exhibition fee
  • Option 2: Product Exhibition + Sales Services

    • Product exhibition for 1 month
    • Sales agency service
    • Fees: Monthly exhibition fee (10% discount) + 15% sales commission fee

Tap-n-Go Store at Westfield Topanga in LA

We're thrilled to announce the grand opening of our latest Tap-n-Go store at Westfield Topanga, which officially opened its doors on November 18th, 2023. This milestone marks a significant leap forward in our mission to blend the convenience of online shopping with the immersive experience of a physical store.

Discover the Tap-n-Go Difference
At our new Tap-n-Go store in Westfield Topanga, we bring you an exclusive collection of online-only products, now within your reach in a physical setting. This unique store, nestled in one of the most vibrant shopping destinations, invites you to explore, touch, and feel products that were previously only available online.

Why Visit the Tap-n-Go Store?

  • Hands-On Experience: Engage with a curated selection of innovative products that cater to all your needs.
  • Exclusive Products: Discover products that are usually hidden in the online world, brought to life in our store.
  • Real-Time Pricing: Experience our patented Cprice Tag technology that offers real-time price updates and effortless checkout processes.
  • Personalized Service: Our knowledgeable staff are on hand to guide you through your shopping journey, offering insights and assistance.

Join Us at Westfield Topanga
Come and experience the future of retail at our Tap-n-Go store. Whether you're a tech enthusiast, a home decor aficionado, or looking for the perfect gift, our store has something special for everyone. We're located at Westfield Topanga, open every day to bring you the best of online shopping in an offline world.

Successful Beta Launch at the Westfield Fashion Square Mall in LA, 2019

Cprice made its first appearance at the Westfield Fashion Square Shopping Center in LA.

Our customers were extremely thrilled with the innovative and enjoyable ways we provided for them to discover new products and get hands-on experience in making informed purchasing decisions.

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