How cprice is Reimagining Offline Marketing

How cprice is Reimagining Offline Marketing

In 2023, TaeSung Chung and his team set out to revolutionize the retail experience with a vision that seemed almost futuristic: using the patented cpricetag to make deals in any location, whether at a gym, a café, or even on a random walk. Despite initial skepticism, cprice has quickly demonstrated the viability and appeal of its innovative approach to marketing.

The core business model of cprice is centered around providing marketing services to online brands looking to expand their reach into the offline space. What sets cprice apart from potential competitors is its focus on creating fun, interactive, in-person experiences for customers. This unique approach not only engages customers but also provides a memorable way for brands to connect with their audience.



However, the journey to success was not without its challenges. In the early days, the cprice team struggled to find the right environment to convey their vision. Initial attempts to market inside coffee shops didn’t quite capture the essence of the cprice experience. It wasn’t until they turned their attention to shopping malls that the concept truly began to flourish. The successful launch at the Westfield Fashion Square Mall allowed cprice to test their app’s checkout mechanism and retail process in a real-world setting.

Today, the flagship cprice store at the Westfield Topanga Mall stands as a testament to their success. Partnering with product-based startups, cprice offers innovative and viral products to mall goers of all ages. The store enhances the customer experience by setting up engaging display areas for each product, encouraging customers to interact with them alongside friends and family.

Looking to the future, cprice has even more ambitious plans. One of the most exciting features in development is the ability for anyone who owns a space to adapt it into a cprice display. This will enable individuals with the cprice app to purchase items seamlessly, further expanding the reach and impact of the cprice platform.

As cprice continues to innovate and redefine the offline marketing landscape, it remains dedicated to providing a unique and engaging experience for both brands and customers alike. TaeSung Chung and his team are proving that with the right vision and execution, the possibilities for retail are endless.

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